What does haughty mean?

 It means somebody that is proud, and pretty arrogant and remains lofty. Learn more at Sentencehouse

Noun: –haughtiness

Adjective: -overhaughty

Examples: –

  •         There is absolutely no reason for you to be haughty, or you end up doing is projecting yourself as someone that does not have a sense of security in herself.
  •         Students have mentioned that our math teacher is pretty haughty and considered herself to be extremely intelligent beyond par.
  •         It is only when the shareholders got to know about the haughty nature of a failed CEO that they took him to task.
  •         Everybody likes a person that is not at all haughty, and is more down to earth.
  •         The haughty attitude amongst people is not only unbecoming, but it also leads to a lot of ugly confrontations.
  •         Jenny has a very haughty appearance, but in front of her psychologist, she unwinds herself to reveal that she has a sensitive side as well.
  •         With a lot of being said about carrying around an appearance, understanding the psychiatric evaluation of haughty patient is something of a task most psychologists.

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