Who is that girl?

Hey Y’all-
It’s me!
This blog is a branch from my family blog,
Flip Flops, Pearls & Curls

I started blogging several years ago when we packed up, became a homeschool family and started traveling with my husband. After a few years, we built our dream house at the beach. Kids started school….We  then decided to homeschool yet again. After 4.5 yrs, they are now back in school. I have a 9th & 12th grader. We have left the beach but are still in the South. I now started this public blog to “interact” more. It’s difficult being private AND being social like I am:) I still blog it, it’s more like a diary of sorts.

I am 38. Been married for 18 yrs to my best friend.
Have a son that is a Jr in high school and a daughter that is an 8th grader. I am a SAHM.We have traveled the world with my husband and his work. My kids have seen things that some will never see. Been places that I, as a child, could have only dreamed of seeing. Our family is complete. No more kids. {possibly another fur baby down the road} We are a very close family. We usually are together 99% of the time. {hubby and I are, kids not so much} Our favorite things to do are: whatever as long were together. We enjoy offshore fishing. Our favorite trip was to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. I long for another trip. This is something our entire family enjoys. 
 We love the Saints, Alabama & Auburn football. 
I am a lil OCD.
I like things neat.
I like things to smell good.
I like to cook.
I like to try new recipes.
I like to shop.
I like things pretty.
I like routine.
I like gadgets.
I like to decorate.
I like to rearrange. {alot}
I like organic & natural foods.
I was a vegetarian for 16 mths. 
{not sure how I did it!}
I like to create.
I like to scrapbook.
I like leopard.
I like lime & brown accents in my home.
I am a creamer snob.
I like stuff. {like lots of stuff!}
I love hate to run.
I love to play tennis.
Most of all….I love to make memories!
Photography is my passion. I had a small business, yes, it’s name was: Flip Flops and Pearls Photography! But it became more work than fun so I had to end that! Site came down. Business cards thrown out. Now I love it again:) Snap Snap
We will drive 2.5 hrs to the nearest Whole Foods to stock pile. Yes, we will!

The Love of my Life and My Best Friend-
“The Mr”

Best Friend to all.
Do anything for you.
{even if you don’t deserve it!}
Makes me feel like a Queen.
Best daddy ever.
Funny….Funny Man.
Makes me laugh when I want to cry. 
Loves to shop.
Has great taste.
Brings me home surprises.
We met when I was 15. He always reminds me-
 “I always knew I’d marry you someday”


 “the lil mr”

Tender hearted.
Big time gamer.
X-Box Live guy.
Doesn’t participate in anything that requires sweat.
{or the thought of sweat}
Wants to go to Alabama.
Wants to be a lawyer.
Picky picky eater.
Loves all animals.
All animals, 3 legged, 1 eyed animals.
Knows all there is to know about any/every exotic/BMW/Lamborghini ever made.
Only drinks bottled water.
BIGGEST saints fan.
Very funny boy. 
Quiet at times.
When he says something, it’s usually  gut buster.
Very entertaining. Very.


My Fashion Diva.
Marches to the beat of her own drum.
Wears big earrings.
Owns more make-up than I do.
Wants to go to Auburn.
Wants to be a dermatologist.
Loves her Lord and isn’t afraid to tell anyone.
Very social.
Has to be at every single even that happens.
Loves everyone.
Never meets a stranger.
Always has a kind word.
Eats salad like nothing I’ve ever seen.
Hates to be photographed.
Knows every word to about every song in the radio.
Should win an award for the worlds fastest texter.
Has a big heart & will do anything for anyone.
Has a style all her own. 
Has beautiful curly hair..imagine that!
{thanks CHI}


Big Saints fan.
Yellow Lab.
Almost 8 yrs old.
Likes Mellow Mushroom pizza crust.
Sheds about 2 lbs of hair a day.
Can jump high…like a kangeroo.
Jumps like a kangeroo too much.
Thinks she is a tea-cup and will try to sit in your lap