{Semi} Wordless Wednesday: Guest Post!


Good morning, y'all!  It's Laurie from Lulu and Daisy.  I'm honored and excited to be able to fill in for Daphne this week for {Semi} Wordless Wednesday.  The funniest thing to me about {Semi} Wordless Wednesday is that I am rarely without words.  I seem to always have something to say.

This past weekend, my hubs and I headed up to the mountains of North Carolina.  Hubs is a volunteer on the ski patrol and it was his Saturday night to work.  I'm not sure how, but he seems to always pick the coldest night of the year.  I've got a few photos from our weekend of winter to share with you, as well as a few of my favorite quotes from Pinterest!

You can see the snow guns on Sunday blowing off the top of Sugar Mountain

I've been working longer hours lately.  It dawned on me the other day how much I love my job.  Even when I get down, I think about Lil' Blue Boo and remember to Choose Joy.  I love these inspirational quotes. They remind me what it takes to be successful and happy!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!
Don't forget to add the button to your blog, link up, and visit at least three other blogs today.  I can't tell you how many fabulous people I've met blogging.  Thanks for letting me share SWW, Daphne!



  1. Laurie .. thanks for keeping SWW going while our friend Daphne is away!! xo HHL

  2. Love that Reba quote! Such a cute post, hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. aww that reba quote is perfect.

  4. So glad to see Laurie over here! I would love a weekend away at the mountains!

  5. "Don't believe everything you think." Love it! I need to remember that!


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