Pink & Green Thursday {Louis ♥ Vuitton}

Good Morning to all my lovely friends-I hope this Thursday brings you nothing but the best! I had a fantastic family dinner at our favorite Mexican joint last night. Mini-me got braces yesterday so after the torture, I treated her to a Sephora outing, like any shopaholic  mother would. Thanks for all who played along yesterday for {semi} wordless wednesday & also thanks for all your sweet comments! Your words mean so much ❤.

While I was away in NYC last week, I of course strolled through the ever.so.large.jaw.dropping LV store on 5th Ave. I admired the newest leopard designs. Adore. Adore. Doesn't hurt that some of the leopard is Pink, does it? Lawd have mercy! 

I wanted to get a new checkbook cover. They didn't have it in the leopard, WHY NOT?? I debated on buying the large wallet that held the checkbook but I have the small wallet and kinda like having it tiny enough to stick it in my LV Pachette. I would so write more checks if I had to whip out a LV leopard checkbook carrier VS my Saints debit card!! { WHO DAT? } So, I decided I would wait. Now of course since I am a million miles back home, I kinda wish I had bought it. Isn't that how that works? 

Well, thanks LV for the new lusts, you've done it again......
This weeks Pink & Green Thursday is for you, LV!
Thanks to Trishy for being such a beautiful preppy hostess-XO

This jacket is just fabulous!!

Tres Chic

Don't y'all love how they show your monogram instantly?? Yes, what a brilliant selling tool!

Love these...wonder if they are as comfy as Tory Burch Eddies or Revas though?

I would so wear this like, all the time.



  1. Love the flats and the hair clip.

  2. I love the cool, chic-ness of the photo of the woman at the table. Sexy, yet subtle.

    And, I love the monogrammed duffel!

  3. I just realized taht I got up early so I could do a Pink and Green Thursday, but I got sidetracked! I love those flats, girl!

  4. Awesome pics, lady! Happy Thursday! :) Hugs!

  5. I've now drooled all over my desk at all of these! You know I love me some Louis!

  6. wow -- some of these new items are STUNNING! I LOVE that jacket with the LV lining -- gorgeous!

  7. Love it all! How gorgeous are those flats? I don't even care how comfortable they are, they are THAT cute ;)

  8. That jacket and hair clip!!! I'm so swooning..... Happy Thursday ...xo HHL

  9. ahh i love LV so much....the store on 5th is the best place ever. They always have amazing windows.

    Call the store and have them ship it so you dont have to pay the outrageous NY sales tax :)

  10. Okay... how have I NOT seen the pink leopard print Louis?! I die. This post has all of my favorite things... pink, green, and Louis Vuitton. Hugs to you!

  11. That's how it always works, but at least now you know you really want it. I love Louis Vuitton and I have been coveting the Cabas MM monogram sabbia since it came out. I think the cruise collection is my favorite since the multicolor speedy was all the hype. I might buy that pink monogram scarf for myself this spring, it's so cute.


  12. There isn't anything on there that any woman wouldn't love to have!! Glad you stoppped by the store...it is awesome...I love going there :)

  13. always love some lv inspiration! so glad i discovered your blog today!


  14. Such gorgeous photos, Daphne! Stunning!

    Hugs xoxo

  15. Pink Leopard LV Print is amazing!! LOVED all the pics, would like one of each! lol

  16. Yes, please! I'll take one of each!!

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway, be sure to check it out :)

  17. I always wonder if I were to don all those fabulous frocks and jump on a car in front of a camera....would I be as stunning as these models? Probably not, but marketing sure makes me think I would. I love dusty pink. I would be dusty anyway after falling in those heels and climbing on and off cars :) XO

  18. Lovelovelove the jacket!!!!
    Happy Thursday!!

  19. you´re so cute....
    beautiful blog!!

  20. You sound so happy and full of energy!

  21. Those hair clips are fabulous. I am definitely my mums mini-me so anytime you talk about your mini me I love it since I don`t live close to my mum. It's nice to know that someone is as close with their daughter as I am with my mum.


  22. Dying for everything in this collection! I wish they would have made a full size leopard purse though! I'm having a giveaway to celebrate my new makeover. Check it out! Kori xoxo


  23. I am seriously slightly obsessed with these! While in NOLA last weekend, I went in LV to see what all they had. I really want the Sarah wallet with the print on the inside. Don't know if it was good or bad that they didn't have it in the store! Happy Friday, sweet lady!



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