{recipe} southwestern chicken chili

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it's been over a year, A YEAR, i am trying one more time to be a better blogger....
after i gave up on being a photographer (way too time consuming and what was once a hobby became a job BECAME not enjoyable) the blog was my scrapbook and way to try to enjoy photography again. i loved connecting with all my bloggy friends, peeking into your lives each day for a few years....then, well, i'm not sure what happened to slowly take me away....

so much has happened since i last blogged about my family life....
i will update soon! 
i can't wait to visit my blog friends and see what all i have missed out on!

so, on to the recipe....
this is a nice spicy chili.
it would have been even better had it not been 85 degrees today BUT
we got a win can i get a ROLL TIDE??

so, you can totally add onions or whatever suits your fancy to this recipe...
we are kinda picky so this recipe works for us.
i like to cook mine in a dutch oven.

2 rotisserie chickens
{minus the dark meat and what the dogs, roddy & i ate while shredding it}
{as many as your mouth can stand, fresh is much better than canned}
3 minced up garlic cloves
32 oz of chicken broth
28 oz can crushed tomatoes
{you can use diced but we aren't tomato eaters so this works best for us}
1-2 tsp EVOO
4-5 tsp of chili powder
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp oregano
1 can pinto beans
i can black beans
1 can of yellow corn
{rinse and drain beans/corn}
1 bag of mexican blend shredded cheese to top
**you can serve over brown rice or scoop with whole wheat tortilla chips**

-turn on stove about low-med
-pour the EVOO into the dutch oven
-add the garlic, chili powder, salt/pepper, cumin, oregano & jalapeños
-stir for about 4 min.
{until the jalapeños look like the are getting a little browned}
-add the tomatoes, corn, broth & chicken...bring to a boil
-once boiling, simmer for 15 minutes
-add the rinsed beans and simmer for 15 more minutes
TADA....dinner is done!
we opted out for rice and ate with chips.....delish

** you could totally boil some chicken breasts if you aren't lazy
but this was the quickest & easiest way**

xoxo, d


{semi} wordless wednesday : college life

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missing my precious little man who is away at college.....
masking my pain with his happiness & excitement.....

your momma loves you!!!


I'm back & I need your help!!

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it's been a loooooong time since i have had much interaction with my blogger friends. 
as you see my name has changed because my renewal from GoDaddy went to an old email address. once i realized it, someone had bought it :(  so, hence the added "wine"  seemed appropriate,, no? :)

i want to get back into blogging but all my followers are getting updates for the "new" FF&P blog.
i think the best way to get back in the grove would be to join some blog hops. SO PLEASE share any/all with me.

i can't wait to catch up and see what's been happening with all my bloggy friends over the past year.



a new URL for flip flops & pearls :(

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and new name....
not by choice....

apparently my email from go daddy to renew went to an old email address...
i log in to post and realized it.....
i called and apparently it had been "purchased" that same week!
which was the week it expired!

so now i have to figure out how to let 1079 followers to know it has changed...grrrr
once i do that, i will start blogging again.
(i also need a facelift if anyone wants to help me!)

so if you go to my old url you will see that whoever got it has only posted one time. OR if you click on anything on twitter that was once linked here, YOU GET THE NEW GIRLS BLOG! ughhh
go daddy said i could pay to be "notifed" if they let it lapse but too late now....i am moving on!
sadly, wahhhhhhh

xoxo daph


giving back & a winner :)

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greeting from the most wonderful place in the world to be
during the holidays!!

i hope everyone had a blessed, safe & happy holiday!

thanks to all who entered the pink giraffe giveaway,
the winner is:
congrats leigh p!!!
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the pink giraffe giveaway monogram watch giveaway!

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hello friends!
i hope everyone has been well.
i have been a LOT mia & haven't read a blog since,
well, i don't know when!!
i have been so busy, as i know everyone has,
with family, traveling & running.
although, i wouldn't trade it for the WORLD!!
i hope that everyone is having a blessed holiday season.

since it's almost christmas, 
how about a fun & preppy giveaway??
i was honored when the pink giraffe contacted me about a review & giveaway,
i BIG PUFFYY HEART the pink giraffe!

how would you like to win one of their 
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since my mom, honey as she is referred to by her grandkids
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a good bit lately, i decided for mine to review, 
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cause you KNOW mommas won't take $$ for watching their grandkids.
BUT she let's me know she gladly accepts Tory,  LV & Chanel,
but ofcourse :)

here is honey's watch!
 isn't it great??
i think this watch is so fun, it reminds me of my old school SWATCH!
only if it smelled :)

this is a great watch for play, for a day at the beach, yoga or
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while i will be traveling for a week over the holidays, 
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i will stop my new york family festivities just for y'all!
how's that sound??
be sure to check back in to see if you are the luck winner


have you ever owned a lab?

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if so, how long did you have your beloved fur baby?

our sweet khaki just turned 9 in september. she has never had any health problems. that was until about 7-8 months ago. she started having seizures. (If you have a large breed dog & witness this, not only will it freak you out, it will break your heart) 😥

after her having about 4, we took her to the vet. dr said she had adult canine epilepsy. (but for some reason didn't want to put her in meds??) so..... fast forward to last night.

seizure free all these months. last night made her 3rd in 4 days. she is my sons very.best.friend.ever. she can't function when he isn't around. she lays on his bed til he returns home. she has been planning on leaving for college in a few short weeks also with him ☺. they have been BFFs since Santa brought her when she was a tiny baby almost 9 years ago. I am so afraid something may happen while they are away. (4 hrs away) i can't imagine him going into his apartment and something being wrong with her.

if you have ever owned a lab..... (((gasp))) how long did they live? i am trying to be positive but also realistic.

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happy veterans day & a winner...

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and the winner of the monogram iPhone otterbox goes to:

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thanks carolina clover for the awesome giveaway!


{GIVEAWAY} monogram iPhone otterbox!!

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what a stressful day/evening yesterday was....
i was the only one CHUGGING WINE biting nails??
til 2016....

now that it's over,
i think we need to have a giveaway!!

my sweet friend dawn from carolina clover contacted me about doing a review & giveaway-
do you even have to think twice about these things??
i love all of her stuff.....
all things preppy & monogrammed,
h e a v e n !


i have to say, i had an otterbox about a year ago.
it drove me nuts because it was so big & bulky.
i have to tell you, i love the new design!!
so much easier to take off & put back on.
a much sleeker design.
more feminine.
what more could a girl ask for??
the print is so cute & the monogram looks perfect!
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creamy chicken & potato soup {recipe}

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good morning y'all!
i am not sure how the weather is in your part of the world, but it's "trying" to get chilly here in the south. i love to make chowders, chilies & soups for football weekends. i love to smell it all day while it simmers in the crock pot! ahhhhh

while this doesn't have to simmer, it's a simple & super quick soup!
i have stripped it from many of the ingredients to keep it plain & healthy.
here is the original version.

3 cups organic low sodium chicken broth
2-3 chicken breasts (i pulled apart an all natural rotisserie chicken)
1/4 whole wheat flour
1 cup horizons fat free milk
1 cup reduced fat evaporated milk
salt/pepper/cayenne (to your taste)

-in a dutch oven, stir in broth & potatoes
-bring to a boil
-reduce heat, cover & simmer for 10-15 min (or til potatoes are tender)
-stir in chicken
-salt/pepper/cayenne to your liking

in separate sauce pan over med heat:
-combine flour & fat free milk, stir until smooth
-add evaporated milk
-bring to boil, stir for 2 min.
-add to dutch oven
-simmer 5 more minutes

*my husband added cheese to his, that grossed me out but he said it was delish :)

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